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Don't bet your future.

Cedric Dempsey,
Executive Director of the NCAA

  • "Gambling," said a solemn Cedric Dempsey, the Executive Director of the NCAA, "is as big an addiction on our campuses as alcohol."  1.
  • "Organized crime families use gambling on college campuses to help fund their drug programs, prostitution rings. They see it as a great revenue stream for them."  2.

  • "We know every institution in this country has student bookies, tied directly or indirectly to organized crime."  3.

  • "Arguably, I think illegal sports wagering is probably the most critical issue we have in athletics today."  4.
It was estimated that 3.75 billion dollars was spent illegally betting on the Super Bowl in 1998.

Indianapolis Colt Quarter Back

Owed family, friends and bookies $1,000,000 at the age of 23. Friends and family tried to help him, but bookies threatened. They ordered him to pay up, or else. "I remember one time delivering $60,000 to those guys in a brown paper bag." One of them took the bag and said, "If it's one dollar short, I'm going to break your arm." And when they weren't threatening him, they cozied up to him as a star athlete asking him to throw games. Art stole his wife's wedding ring and hocked it for money. 5.

  • In 1996, 13 football players at Boston College were suspended for gambling on games. Federal indictments charge two former Northwestern basketball starters and two other men with fixing the outcome of 3 games during the 1994-95 season. Also a former Wildcats football player was accused of running an on-campus bookmaking operation.  6.

  • Four University of Maryland football players and one basketball player were suspended by the NCAA in 1995 for betting on college games.  7.

  • Doug Whiting, Boston College, talks about the legs of a student bookie being broken for not paying his debts.  8.

  • "one of the most significant betting scandals in college sports." The FBI
    Two star players for the ASU Sun Devils basketball team pleaded guilty to sport bribery charges and point shaving. They face up to 5 years in prison and a $250,000 fine. Silman, a former ASU student and reputed bookmaker, and two suspected Chicago bookmakers were charged in a 72-count indictment for sports bribery and money laundering. One fellow student owed Silman $10,000 for losing bets on hockey and football games. The ASU coach was not guilty, but resigned. 

  • Bill Saum, NCAA gambling specialist:  "25% of our division one men football and basketball student athletes have bet on college athletics."  10.

  • Baseball former Commissioner Fay Vincent :  "And gambling is a very serious problem. It's the biggest threat to the integrity of the game."  11.

  • A Long Island teen who had a "death wish" because of a $6,000 World Series gambling debt used a $1.75 toy gun to force cops to shoot and kill him....  12.

  • On a video made by the FBI and major sports leagues to warn athletes, two famous mobsters, Henry Hill of the Lucchese crime family and Michael Franzese of the Colombo family discuss $1 million bets on games and what happens to people who don't hold up their end of the deals. They specifically talk about organized crime becoming involved with small time bookies whose connections with students and athletes can become big business quickly.  13.

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