• Mom suffocates 7 week old baby to collect insurance money for her
    gambling habit. Chicago Tribune 1/26/99

  • Two St. Louis area moms, in separate incidents, commit suicide after
    gambing the family's resources and savings. St. Louis Post-Dispatch 2/22/95 & 3/3/96

  • After gambling his business into debt ($500,000) a father kills his
    pregnant wife and three children then commits suicide.
    Las Vegas Sun 11/22/00 Las Vegas Review-Journal 11/23/00

  • A father kills his wife, daughter and son (7 years old) after defrauding
    banks of $2,000,000 to cover his gambling debts. Washington Post 8/6/98

  • Skip (69) and his wife (63) committed suicide by asphyxiation after
    gambling away their house and nest egg. Los Angeles Times 6/22/97

  • 19 year old kills himself after a budding gambling debt. LA Times 6/22/97

  • Gambling addicted dad kills his ex-wife, kidnaps his daughter (6 years),
    then commits murder/suicide in a high speed car crash.Daily Southtown -7/12/02

  • Addicted moms and others have left their infants and toddlers in cars to
    die while they gamble. AP 9/04/97 Times-Picayune, LA 4/12/97

  • A bank employee and dad with a gambling addiction kills himself by
    hanging. The Day Publishing Online 9/9/00

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