What casinos don't want voters to know!

Gambling addiction doubles within 50 miles of a casino. Prof. E. Grinols

Each addicted gambler costs society $13,000 a year. The social costs of casinos include crime, business and employment costs such as lost time on the job, bankruptcy, suicide, illness, direct regulatory costs, family costs such as child neglect and abuse, and abused dollars. Prof. E. Grinols

If 1.5% of our 750,000 county adults (11,250) become addicted... our families and businesses will subsidize County casinos to the tune of $146,250,000 million every year. Harvard University meta-analysis concluded that approximately 1.6 % of the U.S. adult population are pathological gamblers.

A casino will result in a net loss of jobs in our county.
Up to 36% of addicted gamblers in treatment lost their jobs. Treatment expert H. Lesieur
Each new slot machine will cost the community one job every year. Prof. J. Kindt
Casinos in Baltimore would be a net loss of 9,000 to 16,000 full-time jobs.
Maryland Department of Business & Economic Development/

Businesses are cannibalized by casinos.
.........."People will spend a tremendous amount of money at casinos, money that they would normally spend on buying a refrigerator or a new car. Local businesses will suffer because they'll lose customer dollars to the casino." Donald Trump
..........Casinos comp gamblers with free meals and free hotel rooms.
.......... Hotel occupancy rates have not risen since the casinos opened. Restaurants in the city that did well before casinos kept their customers and added a few new ones, but those that weren't doing well were hurt, said Kristyn Sorensen, spokeswoman for the Michigan Restaurant Association.
..........A study conducted for the State of South Dakota found that, after casino gambling was legalized in 1989 within the town of Deadwood, business declined significantly at nearby restaurants, clothing stores, recreation services, business services, and auto dealers.
..........Atlantic City, NJ: (Gambling mecca of the East) Only about 10 percent of the businesses nearest to the casino locations in 1976 are still open today. Instead, just off the beach, there are dozens of pawn shops for losing gamblers to sell their jewelry for cash.
..........East St. Louis and Alton are no better off economically than they were when river boats came to town,...In fact, in each of these cases, existing businesses have been 'squeezed out' because persons who used to patronize those businesses no longer can afford the goods and services because they have lost their money at the river boat. Resident Bishop Chicago Area of The United Methodist Church, Why a Casino Would Be Bad for Chicago 5.21.04
..........Detroit: ..."there is no business spinoff, no restaurants that have done well as a result of casinos and no businesses that have done well,"... "They are self-standing, not designed to create any economic development for anybody but themselves." Trisia Arndt a Detroit lawyer/Detroit Free Press/ 7.1.04

Bankruptcies, lost productivity and thefts from gambling addiction were estimated at $5 billion in 1999. The National Council on Problem Gambling

MO: The 8 counties with casinos had a more than 50% higher bankruptcy filing rate than the non casino counties. SMR Research Corp 1997

Businesses will be embezzled: "My company has to date lost four valued employees due to embezzlements caused by their gambling." "These were people who had never gambled before."
Des Moines Register/7.24.2003

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