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3/16/08 TO 3/22/08

Casino takes money from community
MO - When Boonville got $4 million, someone else lost $4 million. The casino [Isle of Capri] actually took about $65-70 million out of the Mid-Missouri area. Is it really the proper role of government to partner with gambling promoters to take massive amounts of money from the people? / Your Opinion / John A. Tandy / Mar 19, 2008

Drug ring broken, officials say
MO - Investigators believe that the ring has been bringing in drugs for at least two years in commercial trucks that cross the border and drop off their illicit cargo in parking lots of area motels, shopping centers, malls and at least one casino. / By Robert Patrick / 3/22/2008

Former New York mob boss slated to speak at MU
MO - After spending eight years in prison, former mob boss Michael Franzese says he has broken away from a life of crime and is now sharing his life-changing story with the masses. According to his official biography, Franzese was making more money than anyone in organized crime since Al Capone. While in the mob, Franzese was involved in many gambling schemes and many involved athletes, Michaels said. Franzese saw firsthand what came out of athletic gambling and the dangers that athletes can be in when they cant pay. Franzese tells them if they are engaged in gambling, athletes are risking eligibility, compromising their schools program and also their sport, Michaels said. / By RACHEL SWETNAM / March 19, 2008

Gaming Commission meet a rainout
MO - Gaming industry representatives, stock market analysts and some state lawmakers have sharply criticized the commission in recent weeks for considering an additional casino in the Kansas City market... / Mar. 18, 2008

Joplin council to consider mutual aid for casino area
MO - A mutual-aid agreement that would allow the Joplin Fire Department to respond to fires and accidents at the Downstream Casino Resort is on the agenda for consideration tonight by the Joplin City Council. Downstream Casino Resort is a $300 million project being built along Interstate 44 by the Quapaw Tribe of Oklahoma. Land for the casino, hotel and its parking lots spans the Oklahoma, Kansas and Missouri state lines. / By Debby Woodin / March 16, 2008

Legislative priorities await votes
MO - Committees in the House and Senate have considered provisions to cap the number of casino licenses that the state Gaming Commission can award. None of those proposals have made it the floor of either chamber. / Mar 22, 2008

Local business briefs: Job fair; urgent care center
MO - Its casino is not built yet, and the Las Vegas Sands Corp. has not been selected by the state to build one. In fact, the law legalizing casinos in Kansas is still in doubt and pending before the state Supreme Court. But that isnt deterring Sands from holding its first business fair on Thursday for prospective vendors and employees. / 3-19-08

Two striving for Ward 1 seat in Sugar Creek
MO - Mikulich is also standing by on the Missouri Gaming Commission's decision to allow another casino in the Kansas City marketplace in Sugar Creek just east of Missouri 291 near LaBenite Park. / By Hugh S. Welsh / March 21, 2008

Office pools not just fun, games
MO - Gambling on office pools is illegal in Missouri, according to a representative from Attorney General Jay Nixons office. A person engages in gambling when he stakes something of value on the outcome of a contest of chance, said Scott Holste. Under Missouri law, promoting gambling can be classified as a Class D felony or a Class A misdemeanor, depending on the degree. An Associated Press report estimates that more than 37 million people will participate in office pools this year, but the likelihood is that very few of them will end up being brought to justice. / By Greg Grisolano / March 21, 2008