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Who do you believe?

Can you guess who this Miami Herald quote is from?

"People will spend a tremendous amount of money in casinos, money that they would normally spend on buying a refrigerator or a new car. Local businesses will suffer because they will lose customer dollars to the casinos."

Was it a pastor? A legislator? An anti-gaming constituent? No, it was Donald Trump, a man whose name adorns several casinos.

Those who look to bring casino gambling to the Branson area are making big promises of local prosperity. One of the world's largest gaming moguls says it isn't so.

Who profits from casino gambling expansion--the casinos or the local economy? How much does "free" money cost?

* Nearly 60,000 Missourians are already pathological gamblers, according to a 2002 study

* Each pathological gambler costs the state more than $13,500 a year (due to crime, bankruptcy, social service, illness, and suicide to name few), resulting in a net loss of more than $800 million from the Missouri economy

* Since Missouri gambling revenues in 2002 totaled nearly $210 million, that's a
NET LOSS of nearly $600 million

And who makes up the difference? WE do! In the game of casino gambling expansion, the house always wins - and Missouri taxpayers lose.

Better get an early start. Pro-gambling constituents claim that the proposed casino will bring 3,000,000 visitors to the Branson area. Considering that the month of July usually accounts for 30% of Missouri vacationers:

* 900,000 visitors can be expected visit a town of just over 500 residents

* They should arrive in approximately 300,000 vehicles - or 10,000 cars each day

* That's five times the capacity of highway 176, which will lead to the casino

By the way, 10,000 cars, bumper to bumper, would cover nearly 40 miles of highway, or the approximate distance between Springfield and Branson. A new infrastructure will be an absolute must. Guess who's going to pay for it? During this year's primary election, a proposed amendment to the Missouri constitution will decide whether the spread of casino gambling will reach to the Branson area.

If you are concerned about the welfare of your family, please register to vote before July 7th and Vote NO on Amendment 1.
Together, we CAN defeat this issue and keep the expansion of casino gambling
from reaching further into Missouri.

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