Gambling Research Information and Education Foundation

Report on the Missouri Gaming Commission’s
Feb. 26, 2003 meeting

Time: 9 a.m.
Place: St. Charles City Hall

Agenda & Items of Interest

Consideration of Minutes
    -Dec. 12, 2002 minutes were tabled
    -Jan. 22, 2003 minutes were approved
    -Jan. 29, 2003 minutes were approved

In attendance at the meeting: various individuals from the gambling industry, as well as about 15-20 members of ABC (Against Barnhart Casino). They did not make a presentation, but they were there to observe and show their opposition to a casino in Barnhart.

Consideration of hearing officer recommendations
Jarita Hardaway and Steven Brinkman were not granted licenses to work at casinos, based on past criminal activity.

Consideration of Motion for stay of enforcement of commission’s order
David Teague was approved for a license in Missouri, despite omitting past criminal background during his initial interviews

Harrah’s Maryland Heights was approved for relicensing in the city
city’s mayor touts positive impact of casino, but admits no independent analysis took place
    -“there has been no significant increase in crime because of the casino in Maryland Heights.” –MH police chief

-Harrah’s North Kansas City was fined $50,000 for failure to remove faulty software from slot machines. The games could be cheated, and sometimes did not pay jackpots correctly. The casino was given a grace period to remove the software, but failed to do so, and on Jan. 28-29, the commission discovered 76 slot machines still contained the faulty software.
    -Isle of Capri Kansas City was fined $25,000 for failure to remove faulty software from six slot machines.

Update on Missouri’s Problem Gambling Programs
Upcoming initiatives include partnering with Kansas City Port Authority to issue a joint request for proposals for problem gambling research in Missouri, and to further expand Missouri’s outreach programs. They are considering giving Kansas City PA $100,000/year to research problem gambling, through the Kansas City Community Foundation.
    -They aim to have it peer-reviewed, and it won’t be designed to get a pre-determined result.

Missouri’s Underage Gambling Prevention Program
FY 2001: initial program saw print campaign, mass mailing, speaker’s bureau, traveling education exhibit
    FY 2002: “All Bets Off” in-school, addictions awareness program
    FY 2003: new programs- “Addiction: The Game No One Wins.” And “Beat Addiction: Choose the Right Path.”

Assembly on addictions, including gambling addictions, are tentatively being planned for school assemblies across the state.
    -There will be a “facilitator’s guide” to help counselors/teachers have follow-up talk with students.

National Program Gambling Awareness Week will take place—time to be determined.

Following that, there was a powerpoint presentation on how gambling negatively affects business overall, especially employers. It was presented by Lia Nower, professor at UM-St. Louis I will be seeking to obtain this presentation shortly.