Date: 4.24.03

Subject: MO Senate removing the $500 gambling Loss Limit
Action: Call your state Senator and Representive....immediately (info at end of message)

Last week four Republican Senators, voted out of committee, a bill which included removing the $500 Loss Limit. One of the Senators may have been deceived about the contents of the bill.

Mark Andrews, Chairman of Casino Watch, has been at the Capitol distributing evidence of the overwhelming devastation that will be caused by such an anti-family action. In 1992, the $500 Loss Limit was written into the change in our Constitution which allowed gambling on riverboats as a protection against massive addiction, prostitution, violent crimes, the mob, drug cartels and money launderers.

Unfortunately, the Republican controlled Senate Leadership and many Senators believe the trade-off of family devastation and increased crime for more tax dollars in the state coffers is an acceptable solution for balancing the budget.

Illinois casinos are taxed at 50%. Missouri casinos are taxed at 20%. The removing of the $500 Loss Limit deal that the Senate is endorsing is raising the casino tax from 20% to a "whooping" 21% to help balance the budget. If the Senate wants so desperately to raise money, why don't they keep the $500 Loss Limit and raise the casino tax to 30%. Something smells!


"When Iowa lifted its' loss limits on casinos in the mid 90s, we saw a quantum leap in crisis calls. We went from 15 - 25 calls per month to 200 - 400 crisis calls per month."
Tom Coates/Iowa Consumer Credit of Des Moines/Mr. Coates company administered the 1-800-BETS-OFF hotline for Iowa from 1994 through 2001.

The Casino Watch web site (www.casinowatch.org) contains the Prostitution information and will have all subjects, "Drug Cartels and Terrorists Laundering Money at Casinos" and "The Mob at Casinos" uploaded by Saturday evening, April 27th.

This bill will fast track through the Senate.

A number of Senators have told Mark that the people want this. With their denial of reality, our only hope for keeping this protection is for you and tens of thousands of other citizens to call immediately. They DO NOT read their e-mail, so please call.

1. Please call your Senator and Representative IMMEDIATELY!

2. Please call President Pro Tem Peter Kinder (573-751-2455) and Majority Floor Leader Michael Gibbons (573-751-2853).

2. Call and forward this e-mail to all family, friends, churches and other organizations with this information and ask them to do the same.

3. Write letters to the Editor

Your message should be right to the point: "Please do not remove the $500 Loss Limit. Under NO circumstance should it be repealed."

It would help Casino Watch if you would e-mail your legislators' responses to: