Notice: Governor Bob Holden has directed (documented fact) the State Lottery Commission to develop and implement Keno (sometimes called Quick Draw) under the auspices of a "lottery". The St. Louis Post-Dispatch calls it "a fast paced numbers game".

Over 1200 venues will be established in bars, restaurants or other businesses where the potential players may be found. While only adults may gamble on the new 'game', minors will be faced with exposure to all its hype and allurement. 'Players' can bet up to $100 dollars per card with no limits on the number of cards. Each round will only last about five minutes and new bets may be placed. The 'game' will run throughout the day and into the night. Keno starts June 1st.

ACTION NEEDED: Contact your Representative and Senator and ask them to use any of their influence possible to delay or kill the introduction of 'quick draw' (the cocaine of gambling addiction). Express your opinion about the Governor's plan to raise education funding with this or other gambling expansions. Then call the Governor's office to register your opposition.

To reach your Representative or Senator on any of these gambling bills call direct or dial a capitol operator at 573-751-2000 and ask for them by name.

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