"Vice or sin taxes are prohibited as unethical because the
government's addiction to the revenue will hinder public policy
from discouraging the vice and its' damages on a culture."

Kerry Messer

States Cannot Gamble Themselves Rich

HB 1031 - Charles Portwood (R). Revises the method for gambling and lottery funds so the money is garanteed to be sent to schools.
Pre-filed early December, but not yet given a committee assignment by the Speaker of the House!

HB 1311 - Randall Relford (D) & Steve Hunter (R). Reallocates the admission fees for casino boats so law enforcement & fire protection services are funded. Referred to the House Miscellaneous Bills and Resolutions Comm. 1/24/02.

HB 1364 - May Scheve (D). Any gambling boat proceeds must be distributed according to per-pupil basis rather than going through the foundation formula. No action has been taken at this time.

HB 1521 - Charles Shields (R). Creates the Year 2002 Classroom Fund and transfers certain gaming proceeds to the fund according to a phase-in plan. No committee assignment by the H. Speaker.

HB 1558 - Roy Holand (R) & D.J. Davis (D). Raises the fees now charged by excursion casino boats from $2 to $5, with the new increase to be used for state aid to school districts. Referred to the House Miscellaneous Bills and Resolutions Comm. on 2/7/02, with no hearings scheduled yet.

HB 1684 - Bill Luetkenhaus (D) & Cindy Ostmann (R). Increases admission fees for casino boats to $4 from current $2 to help fund public transportation projects. On 2/07/02 HB 1684 was referred to the House Miscellaneous Bills and Resolutions Committee.

HJR 43 - Bill Luetkenhaus (D) & Cindy Ostmann (R). Proposes a constitutional amendment to use the casino boat admission fees to fund public transit projects. Sent to the House Miscellaneous Bills and Resolutions Comm. 2/7/02.

SJR 032 - Ted House (D). This bill is the very same as HJR 43. A hearing was held 2/5/02 in the Senate Transportation Comm.

SB 676 - Anita Yeckel (R). This bill Modifies the WW2 medallion program and funds for Veterans' Comm. on Capital Improvement Trust Fund by allocating seven million dollars from the gaming commission fund to the Veterans' Fund. Current law allocates three million dollars to the fund. This bill has passed its' first committee and is currently (3/3/02) on the Senate Calendar for debate.

SB 788 - Anita Yeckel (R). (This is similar to HB 1031.) The bill sets up a guaranteed program for the distribution of all gaming tax proceeds to the benefit of schools. Public hearings were held on 2/5 in Senate Ways & Means Comm.

SB 906 - Ted House (D). Raises boarding fees from $2 to $4 and earmarks the added two dollars to fund public transit. On 2/5/02 the bill received a public hearing in the Senate Transportation Comm.

SB 934 - Bill Foster (R). Adds an additional dollar to the current boarding fee charged at riverboat casinos. The revenue generated would be used to raise minimum salaries for public school teachers. A public hearing is scheduled for 3/6/02 in the Senate Ed. Comm.

SB 949 - Roseann Bentley (R). Raises the admission tax for each person entering a casino boat by an extra $2. Hearings were held 2/13/02 in the Senate Ed. Comm.

To reach your Representative or Senator on any of these gambling bills call direct or dial a capitol operator at 573-751-2000 and ask for them by name.

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