Why the $500 loss limit should not be repealed

HB 1525 - James O'Toole (D) & James Foley (D). Increases the allowable casino gaming boat loss limits from $500 to $750. On 2/7/02 this bill was referred to the Miscellaneous Bills and Resolutions Committee in the House. (The committee has only forwarded HB 1877 at this time.)

HB 1877 - See Trojan Horse category on reverse side for an important ACTION NEEDED.

SB 1248 - James Mathewson (D). Eliminates the $500 loss limit as part of a multifaceted plan to create the "Schools of the Future Fund". Increases admission fees for Missouri casino gambling boats from $2 to $5, with one full dollar being deposited in the "Future Fund". Justification for these changes is that all revenues generated by this plan is supposed to be appropriated solely for the purpose of funding state aid to public schools. (No senate committee action to report yet.)

SB 914 - Ken Jacob (D). Repeals the $500 loss limit (for three years - ?) and raises the boarding taxes for riverboat casinos from two to three dollars. Revenue generated by these changes would be used for specified 'education' programs. (See HB 1877 under the Trojan Horse category.)

NOTE: To justify yet another broken promise to Missouri voters, these lawmakers offer to use any extra tax revenues "for education".

ACTION NEEDED: Contact your legislators in the House and Senate. Tell them that there have been enough damages done by casinos -- lost homes, lost pensions, lost education savings accounts, broken families, suicides, etc. Too many broken promises have come from Missouri's gambling industries and trust in state government regulations has been lost. Far too many good citizens have been led into heartbreaking crimes to justify legalized gambling.

To reach your Representative or Senator on any of these gambling bills call direct or dial a capitol operator at 573-751-2000 and ask for them by name.

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