Historic Kimmswick
Isle of Capri Casinos, Inc.
Withdraws From Jefferson County, Missouri Project

Thursday September 20, 2001
SOURCE: Isle of Capri Casinos, Inc.
BILOXI, Miss., Sept. 20 /PRNewswire/ -- Isle of Capri Casinos, Inc. (Nasdaq: ISLE - news) announced today that it will not proceed with the developmentof the Jefferson County, Missouri project located near the town of Kimmswick.

The town of Kimmswick thanks you and CASINO WATCH thanks you for your cards, letters and phone calls objecting to the licensing of the Isle of Capri Casino.
The Missouri Gaming Commission gave preliminary approval to the Isle of Capri to build a
four story $100 million Caribbean themed, casino complex within several thousand feet of beautiful historic Kimmswick, Mary Queen of Apostles School and Windsor Elementary School, Middle School and High School.
To the Missouri Gaming Commission & elected officials: "Each of you in your own way has the ability to come and save the town of Kimmswick from the pending embarrassment of having a Casino shoved down the throat of a town which doesn't want it or need it."  Brian Selsor, Mayor of Kimmswick

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Barb Obermeyer, owner of Grandma's Parlor and Tea Room, said she moved her business to Kimmswick from St. Charles after a casino in St. Charles diverted her customers. "It was as though I was holding money and somebody snatched it out of my hand," she said.
St. Louis Post-Dispatch 5/31/01 Virginia Young

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Kimmswick citizens' pleas for help are ignored by Missouri's elected and appointed officials
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Casino Watch and friends want to thank the two Gaming Commission Members, Nikolaisen and Adorjan, for voting against a casino in historic Kimmswick.

Map and objections sent to the Missouri Gaming Commission
Shows the close proximity of schools (as close as 1,000 feet), historic buildings and residences of this 4th and 5th generation community to the proposed Isle of Capri Casino.
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Letter to Mel Fischer,
Director of the Missouri Gaming Commission
First, gambling facilities destroy local businesses, particularly small businesses. Kimmswick's business community is entirely made up of small businesses which have become successful through hard work, honestly rendered to a dedicated clientele and an ever-increasing number of new people who discover our town and its shops."
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Kimmswick Mayor's letter to Senators Bond and Aschroft, Representative Gephardt, Gov. Carnahan, State Senator Stoll, County Executive Buz Westfall and the Missouri Gaming Commissioners
Each of you in your own way has the ability to come and save the town of Kimmswick from the pending embarrassment of having a Casino shoved down the throat of a town which doesn't want it or need it."
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Letter to Governor Carnahan
"A good part of our dismay over the situation is the serious shortcoming of the gambling law that offers no protection to communities chosen for a casino. It leaves me wondering where the legislators were when the laws governing gambling were drafted. Since the law was written by the gambling industry, I have to view it like putting the fox in charge of the chicken coop."
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Letter to Senator Kenny from Ken Peck,
Kimmswick alderman, resident and merchant
Another disturbing thing is that Isle of Capri lawyers have been harassing a local landowner whose property would be needed for the casino's access road. They tried to make him sign a deed that was invalid and indicated that if he didn’t "negotiate" with them, that his property (25 acres) would be taken. They offered the man approximately 1/10 of what his property would be worth on the open market. It is unconscionable that a private, for-profit corporation should be allowed the use of eminent domain to take a man's private property."
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Excerpts from report given to the Missouri Gaming Commission by Richard C Shepard, CRE, P.E. on the human remains and archeological finds at the casino site and alleged violations by Isle of Capri Casino.
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Letter to Congressman Gephardt
It was ironic that Kimmswick was saved from inundation by the great flood of 93 only to be subjected to the intrusion of a gambling casino. Why should our town be surrendered to a predator business? If a casino were to be placed on the Kimmswick site, then the saving of the town from the 93 flood was in vain."
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             Excerpts from five local organizations united to
                          oppose the proposal of a casino in Kimmswick

The City of Kimmswick: "This includes the cultural atmosphere of a long established community whose fundamental nature would be changed forever."
"The Kimmswick Historical Society is 100% against the locating of a casino on the Mississippi River northeast of Kimmswick. Our concern is destruction of historical areas."
The Kimmswick Merchants Association: "These casinos are not wanted nor needed in the Kimmswick area."
CAKAC (a local citizen's group opposed to casinos): "Why destroy neighborhoods to provide gambling?"
The Kimmswick Visitor Center: "We are fighting a development that would destroy our way of life."
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Since 1993 Kimmswick has valiantly struggled to maintain the GOOD LIFE

What would the presence of a gambling casino mean if it were in your neighborhood?
What effect could the presence of a casino have on local small businesses?
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