Gov. Bob Holden has dictated that 1,200 mini casinos be licensed in neighborhoods under the guise of Keno, Quick-Draw lotto starting June of 2002. Never in the history of our state has one individual plunged to the depths of greed that they knowingly and willingly sell families for dollars. The governor continues this plunge by lobbying for the removal of the $500 loss limit, removing the last promise made to citizens when gambling came to Missouri as recreational entertainment.

Fast Paced Slot Type Gambling Machines
Should not be Located in Missouri

Quick Draw Keno

  • is a CASINO game of chance
  • will spread casino gambling to local neighborhoods*
  • is fast paced - will create new addicted gamblers
  • problem gamblers are particularly susceptible to Keno*
  • is three times more addictive than other lottery games*
  • is convenience gambling - will create new addicted gamblers*
  • will be convenient, unsupervised gambling mecca for teens
  • will mix alcohol & fast paced gambling - a dangerous combination
  • has no loss limit - bets can be $100 a shot - $1,000 or more an hour
  • Keno players will be able to lose their home in two days
  • will attract a higher percentage of the poor and low income*
  • will only financially benefit the Keno manufacturer and the
    recipient of the political campaign contributions*
  • will provide no new funding for addicted gamblers

        Currently the Lottery allots the embarrassing sum of
        $240,000 for compulsive gambling programs

* Quick Draw: It’s Time to Pull the Plug, A Legislative Report by New York Senator Frank Padavan, May 2001, quotes from Dr. Lorenz and Dr. Volberg