Sen. Anita Yeckel (R) Dist.1
Queen of Tracks
Queen of Child Addiction

Definition of Joker: a hidden or cunningly worded provision put into a law to make it different from what it seems to be.

Qualifications for winning the "Joker" Award:

  • A Missouri politician who exemplifies GOVERNMENT AT ITS WORST and

  • promotes gambling while ignoring the state motto:
            "Let the welfare of the people be the supreme law"

  • perpetuates the gambling dollars TAX SCAM on business & individuals

  • ignores the $4 million, National Gambling Impact Study Commission Report   calling for a moratorium on gambling expansion

  • believes that suicides of moms & dads, addicted children, bankruptcy, embezzlement, higher insurance costs, divorce, homeless children & taxpayers footing the bill for criminal prosecution & incarceration expenses are an acceptable exchange of human lives for government $.

Sen. Yeckel received the CASINO WATCH "Joker" Award for introducing a bill that will create new kiddie casinos creating gambling addicted children and for continually pushing gambling expansion bills out of the committee that she chairs, especially the race track bills which would bring to Missouri a bankrupted, financially failing industry, that is fraught with crime.

Gov. Holden received the CASINO WATCH "Joker" Award because he is by-passing our constitution by licensing Keno (a fast paced casino game with no limit on the dollars bet) at bars across the state which targets the poor and is three times more addictive than other lottery games. The governor is also lobbying for removal of the $500 loss limit which we send families into bankruptcy, moms and dads to jail and others to their grave.