Professor John Warren Kindt
March 2004

Gambling-Related Academic Articles in Journals and Law Reviews

1. John W. Kindt, "The Insiders" for Gambling Lawsuits: Are the Games "Fair" and Will Casinos and Gambling Facilities be Easy Targets for Blueprints for RICO and Other Causes of Action?
55 Mercer L. Rev. 529-593 (2004) (lead article)

2. John W. Kindt, Subpoenaing Information from the Gambling Industry: Will the Discovery Process in Civil Lawsuits Reveal Hidden Violations Including the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act?,
82 Oregon L. Revi. 221-294 (2003) (lead article)

3. John W. Kindt, The Gambling Industry vs. Academic Research: Have Gambling Monies Tainted the Research Environment?
13 Univ. S. Calif. INTERDISCIPLINARY L..J. 1-47 (2003) (lead article)

4. John W. Kindt, Gambling with Terrorism and U. S. Military Readiness: Time to Ban Video Gambling Devices on U. S. Military Bases and Facilities?,
24 N. ILL L. Rev. 1-39 (2003) (lead article)

5. John W. Kindt, Would Re-Criminalizing U. S. Gambling Pump-prime the Economy and Could U. S. Gambling Facilities Be Transformed into Educational and High-Tech Facilities? Will the Legal Discovery of Gambling Companies' Secrets Confirm Research Issues?
8 Stanford J.L., Bus. & Fin. 169-212 (2003) (lead article)

6. John W. Kindt, Diminishing Or Negating the Multiplier Effect: The Transfer of Consumer Dollars to Legalized Gambling: Should a Negative Socio-Economic "Crime Multiplier" Be Included in Gambling Cost/ Benefit Analyses?
2003 Mich. ST DCL L. Rev. 281-313 (lead article)
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7. John W. Kindt, Internationally, the 21st Century Is No Time for the United States to Be Gambling with the Economy: Taxpayers Subsidizing the Gambling Industry and the De Facto Elimination of All Casio Tax Revenue via the 2002 Economic Stimulus Act,
29 Ohio N. Univ.. L. Rev. 363-394 (2003) (lead article)

8. John W. Kindt & John K Palchak, Legalized gambling's Destabilization of U. S. Financial Institutions and the Banking Industry: Issues in Bankruptcy, Credit, and Social Norm Production
9 Emory U. Bankruptcy Dev. J. 21-69 (2002) (lead article)

9. John W. Kindt, The Failure to Regulate the Gambling Industry Effectively: Incentives for Perpetual Non-Compliance
27 S. Ill. U. L. J. 221-262 (2002) (lead article)

10. John W. Kindt& Anne E, C, Brynn, Destructive Economic Policies in the Age of Terrorism: Government-Sanctioned Gambling as Encouraging Transboundary Economic Raiding and Destabilizing National and International Economies,
16 Temple Int’l & Comp., L..J.. 243 (2002-2003) (lead article)

11. John W. Kindt & Stephen W. Joy, Internet Gambling and the Destabilization of National and International Economies: Time for a Comprehensive Ban on Gambling Over the World Wide Web
80 Denv. U. L. Rev. 111-153 (2002)

12. John W. Kindt & Thomas Asmar, College and Amateur Sports Gambling: Gambling Away our Youth?
8 Villanova Sports and Entertainment L.J. 221-252 (2002) (lead article)

13. John W. Kindt, The Costs of Addicted Gamblers: Should the States Initiate Mega-Lawsuits Similar to the Tobacco Cases?
22 Managerial & Decision Econ. 17-63 (2001) (invited article)

14. John W. Kindt, Follow the Money: Gambling Ethics, and Subpoenas
556 Annals of the Am Academy of Political & Soc. Sci., 85-97 (1998)

15. John W. Kindt, The Business-Economic Impacts of Licensed Casino Gambling in West Virginia
13 W. VA. U. Inst Pub. Aff. 22-26 (1996) (invited article)

16. John W. Kindt, U.S. National Security and the Strategic Economic Base: The Business/ Economic Impacts of Legalized Gambling Activities
Prog. Arms Control, Disarmament & Int'l Security, U. ILL. 1-12 (1996) (invited article reprinted)

17. John W. Kindt, Introducing Casino-Style Gambling into Pre-Existing Economies: A Summary of Impacts of Tourism, Restaurants, Hotels and Small Businesses
10 N. Ariz. U., Ariz H. Research & Resource Ctr. 6-9 (1996) (invited article)

18. John W. Kindt, U.S. National Security and the Strategic Economic Base: The Business / Economic Impacts of Legalized Gambling Activities
39 St. Louis U. L. J. 567-584 (1998) (invited article)

19. John W. Kindt, Legalized Gambling Activities As Subsidized by Taxpayers
48 Ark. L. Rev. 889-931 (1995) (lead article)

20. John W. Kindt, Legalized Gambling Activities: The Issues Involving Market Saturation,
15 N. lLL. U. L. Rev. 271-306 (1995)

21. John W. Kindt The Economic Impacts of Legalized Activities
45 Drake L. Rev. 51-95 (1994)

22. John W. Kindt, The Negative Impacts of Legalized Gambling on Businesses
4 U. Miami Bus. L. J. 93-124 (1994) (lead article)

23. John W. Kindt, Increased Crime and Legalizing Gambling Operations: The Impacts on the Socio-Economics of Business and Government
30 Crim. L. Bull. 538-555 (1994)

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