It's the people who are hurt and the values that are twisted by gambling.
The first harm is to encourage anyone to believe that life is a matter of chance. The promise of gambling is basically a lie. We need to teach young people that hard work, being excellent students, saving money and getting a fine education are what opens doors to them.
Bishop Ann B. Sherer, leader of the United Methodist Church in Missouri
The Kansas City Star/6.20.04 www.kansascity.com/mld/kansascity/8966296.htm?1

It's pathetic and morally bankrupt to permit the gambling industry to inflict addiction, business failures, crimes and escalating costs for police and social services upon the neighborhood and call it justice and the people's choice.
The Rev. Marsue Harris is priest-in-charge of St. George's Episcopal Church, Newport www.projo.com/religion/content/projo_20040619_relcol19.764c6.html