Sen. John McCain - Ralph Nader - Kay James - James Dobson

Kansas City casino visited an elementary school,
passed out casino tee shirts
and led the children in singing the casino song.

Casinos have introduced "kiddie slots"
based on children's TV programs and cartoons.

St. Louis casino held a Christmas party for a children's home.

Casinos add amusement arcades
with look-alike slot games for the children.

Ralph Nader: "The gambling industry is as brazen as the tobacco and alcohol industry. It's even more brazen," Citing the move toward family entertainment among Las Vegas casinos, Nader said, "the gaming industry knows its future depends on addicting youngsters. The idea is that parents will feel less guilty if they are subjected to family entertainment, and that the next generation of gambling addictees must be given attention." " Marketing practices of the gaming industry and other businesses," he said, "amount to corporate abuse of children."
Las Vegas Review Journal 6/13/98

A coalition of gambling opponents sent a letter in November to the House and Senate commerce committees warning, "These child-enticing slot machines are the latest innovation in a broader advertising and marketing campaign by casinos and the gambling industry to promote a 'family friendly' image and, apparently, to bring children to the casinos and thereby shape the next generation of gambling addicts."
Kay James, chairwoman of the National Gambling Impact Study Commission and James Dobson, Commission member were among the signers.

Sen. John McCain: "I am deeply concerned that the use of these images may negatively impact children." "Gambling among our nation's youth is a problem," he said. "I question the propriety of companies using child-based themes that may entice children in an obviously adult industry."
12/11/99 Las Vegas Review-Journal

"So we inherited this fire truck. And I put the word out," said Isle of Capri casino president Jack Gallaway, growing excited with the retelling. "I said, Guys, we've got to have some fun with this thing. Wouldn't it be cool if all the properties had fire trucks? For the kids and parades and stuff. A fire truck."
Sun Herald 9/4/00