Six States Face Gambling Expansion November 4th

Voters in Colorado, Maine, Maryland, Missouri and Ohio are evaluating gaming expansion or changes to existing gambling laws. The measures, different in size and scope, have a common thread: increased gambling opportunities in exchange for the potential of increased tax dollars.

Missouri: Has lottery, bingo, 12 casinos with the 13th under construction
Proposition A removes the $500 loss limit and eliminates Player Cards.
• Prop A is financially DEVASTATING to Missourians who would lose an additional half billion dollars annually! Given our delicate economic situation, now is not the time for a massive expansion of gambling which enriches billion dollar casino corporations.
• Prop A is DANGEROUS because it eliminates the Players Cards used to identify gamblers in casinos. The Missouri State Highway Patrol successfully assisted in solving 95.78% of the 1,611 casino related crimes in 2007. Removing the Players Cards will drastically hinder their ability to investigate and solve crimes.
• Prop A EXPLOITS our school children as it represents yet another elaborate shell game just like 1994. Prop A only provides an increase of $1.76 per month per student. HALF of Missouri schools will not receive any money at all and an unbelievable 81% of the money collected will not be distributed.
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Initiative 3 would amend the state Constitution to allow lotteries.

Passage of Amendment 50 would let citizens in the gambling communities of Black Hawk, Cripple Creek and Central City decide if casinos can make three changes to their business operations: increase betting limits from $5 a wager to $100 a wager, allow gaming halls to be opern 24 hours, and allow the addition of craps and roulette.

State Issue 6 asks voters to approve a casino in Linton County, located in southwestern Ohio.

The state legislature authorized a ballot referendum that would allow 15,000, slot machines in five jurisdicitions.

Question 2 would allow Las Vegas-based Olympia Gaming to build a casino/resort in Oxford County, which is located in Western Main. Passage would impose a 10-year moratorium on building casinos, elsewhere in the state.

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Oct. 19, 2008