UPDATE: 12/19/07
Jefferson City Residents Voice Their Opinion at Public Hearing

Last Night residents of Jefferson City attended a public hearing at City Hall to voice their opinions to members of the City Council concerning the issue of allowing a vote to change the city charter to allow a casino.

Over 60 people attended the public hearing with 24 choosing to speak to the City Council. The overwhelming opinion was against allowing a casino in Jefferson City with only three of the 24 speakers being in favor of a casino. According to KRCG, “If it's any indication, don't bet on riverboat gaming coming to Jefferson City - at least, not anytime soon.”

"Ernest Robb, who was a Gaming Commission manager from 1999 through June 2007, noted gambling's 'costs take many forms and they are hidden in the social and economic fabric throughout the community. ... The casino environment tends to make thieves out of people who would otherwise be honest.'” www.newstribune.com

This is not the only public hearing that will be held for Jefferson City residents to speak to the City Council, another hearing has been scheduled for January 3, 2008 at City Hall.

In the meantime you are still encouraged to contact the members of the City Council and share your thoughts on a casino. Contact information for each of the members of the city Council can be found on the Jefferson City webpage, here (link to http://www.jeffcitymo.org/council/contactamember.html).