Governor's Tax Scam
Will Spread Casino Gambling
Across Missouri

     Gov. Holden and pro gambling legislators are using the temporary budget deficit and our kids education fund as an excuse to promote a massive gambling expansion starting in June, 2002.
     Holden has abused his authority by requesting that the Lottery Commission issue 1,200 licenses to bars and restaurants to run Keno (Quick Draw Lotto) casino games on fast paced, slot type machines beginning in June. Trampling on the Constitution that requires games of chance to be played only on the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers, these slot type games will be located across the state in or near your neighborhoods. With play every five minutes and no limit on the amount wagered, a gambler will be able to lose his/her house in one day. Acknowledging that Quick Draw will addict more people, Holden has proposed a $400,000 increase in addiction treatment funds.
     Many gambling expansion bills have been introduced in the House and Senate with beneficiaries ranging from Veterans to children's programs in hopes of gaining support for this unsavory addiction.
     All credible, independent studies expose the tax scam where states claim they can gamble themselves rich.


     The social costs of gambling results in $1 to the state and $2 to $3 dollars from your pocket in higher insurance costs, theft, embezzlement, policing, judicial and incarceration costs, etc. A hidden tax on you.
     What is to be said about the integrity and character of our elected officials when they continue to expand gambling after being confronted with the suicides, divorces and humiliated children living with grandparents after losing their mom or dad, home and college savings.
     Maybe we can live with the gambling tax scam perpetrated by government, but how can we continue to allow politicians to expand gambling when hundreds of thousands will experience devastating pain and suffering and loss of life.

Net Loss to the people of Missouri -$604,705,430